Our Policies

Before contacting the sistahs regarding a prospective review, please take a moment to read the following information.

Our Review Formats

The sistahs will always try our best to provide an honest review of the books they read.  All the reviewers are expressing their view of a book and it may not be the view of the other reviewers.  In cases of negative reviews, the sistahs will do their best to state what problems they had with the book.

All book reviews will contain the author and book information. They will try, to the best of their ability to avoid spoilers but if it can’t be helped they will post a warning at the top the review.  Please familiarizing yourself with the review format beforehand to ensure that Sistahs&Satire is right for you.

All reviews will be posted on Sistahs&Satire, as well as cross-posted on the reviewers Goodreads page. The reviews will also be promoted on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  If you would like the review posted on other sites, please contact the reviewer directly.

Submitting A Book For Review

When contacting a reviewer regarding a book for review, please provide the following information:

  • Title
  • Author Bio and Photo
  • Book Cover Art and Synopsis
  • Publication Date
  • Publisher Info

This information will provide the reviewer with a basic understanding of your work and allow them to gauge whether or not it would be a good fit for Sistahs&Satire and our readers.

If you would like your book reviewed within a certain time period (i.e. Within a week or two of the book’s release), please specify this in your correspondence.  The reviewer will do her best to accommodate such requests, although it cannot guarantee this will be possible.

Receipt of a book does not guarantee a review, particularly if it is an unsolicited manuscript that wasn’t actively requested.


In compliance with FTC regulations, Sistahs&Satire reviewers are not compensated for the book reviews they write. If they receive an ARC (‘Advance Reader Copy’) for review from a publisher or author, we will disclose this in the review provided. The source and format of every book we review will be included in the review.